A NotepadJust a few notes regarding the weblog that I thought I would share.
Posting an entry regarding comment SPAM really opened the floodgates. Every hour it seemed that there were more and more comments that were SPAM. So I went ahead and installed the MT-Blacklist plugin. Although version 3.0 of Movable Type will dispense with the need for using MT-Blacklist, I needed something in the meantime that would eliminate the current flood. The plugin was a piece of cake to install and 5 minutes later everything was up and running. If you’re having to deal with comment spam on your weblog, definitely give this a try.
With St. Patrick’s Day over, I switched the smileys back to regular ones. I updated the original entry to display the Leprechauns so that the entry would make sense. In case you’re wondering what other sets I have waiting in the wings, you’ll just have to wait and see. 🙂

Oh and if you noticed the “[updated]” notifications in the right navigation, that’s because I updated the smileys, not because there’s new content. Sorry. :s

Status Of Series Entries
There are two “series” that I started that I haven’t yet completed. There’s the Grazing Across Louisiana series and the The Matrix Saga. I’ve received comments from many people asking where the next installments are to each of these series. Rest assured that I haven’t forgotten about them. The reason there haven’t been any new posts in these series is that they take a long time to write. Each remaining entry has been started and I work on them as time allows, so thank you for being patient and for letting me know that you appreciate them. That means a lot to me. 😀

Quoted In The Paper
I’ve been meaning to post this, but it just didn’t fit as an entry all by itself. Anyway, I was quoted in a local paper here in Nashville, called the City Paper. It’s a daily publication that “is a civic-minded, public-spirited newspaper devoted to exploring issues relevant to Nashville readers.” I was contacted to comment on some recent announcements made by PalmGear and you can read the article at this link.