SysTray SnapshotThere hasn’t been quite as much interest in the contest that I started last month, so I guess it’s time to bring it to a close. The contest will end this Sunday, so if you want to guess, NOW is the time to do it.

To lend a little help, I’ll give everyone #2, which is AveDesk. It was a little bit obscure, so I thought a little help was in order. So here’s all the right answers thus far with credit to the person that provided the correct answer.

01 =
02 = AveDesk (freebie)
03 = Trillian (Raena Armitage)
04 = Google Desktop (Merlin)
05 = HotSync Manager (Raena Armitage)
06 =
07 = WinPT (Merlin)
08 =
09 = Palm Desktop Alarm Manager (Merlin)
10 = Windows XP Network Status (Merlin)
11 = NoIP (Merlin)
12 = StyleXP (gfox)
13 = AVG AntiVirus (Raena Armitage)
14 = Windows XP Volume Control (Raena Armitage)
15 = Picasa2 (Raena Armitage)
16 = Gmail Notifier (Merlin)

This leaves only 3 more to guess!

Update: In the comments, gfox guessed number 12 correctly, so I updated the list. I also put links to the programs as well in the list so you can find the software should you want to try it. 🙂