Crazy Frog - the most annoying ringtone ever!The other day my good buddy Dan Westman was chatting with me via my mobile and every time he’d mouse over the ad space in MSN Messenger, there’d be a cacophony of silly noises. I couldn’t hear exactly what it was saying, but from 8000 miles away it sounded absolutely hilarious. I fired up MSN Messenger, but I couldn’t get the same ad to pull up.

Fast forward 5 days (today) and Dan tells me that he has a link for me. I click on it and I’m taken to Jamster! Crazyfrog RingTones. The source of the ad that I had so much enjoyment from. Unfortunately, when listening to the ring tones, the pleasure is all gone, because these ringtones have to be the most annoying ringtones EVER.

Dan suggested that I buy one and my comment back to him was, “If ANY of those ringtones were on my phone, the phone would be destroyed within the week.” Since I love my Treo 600, I don’t think I’ll be adding Crazyfrog anytime soon.

The web site is a kludge to navigate and use, but you’ve GOT to listen to these ringtones just to see how awful they really are. Listening to them, I’m reminded of that scene in Dumb And Dumber when Jim Carey asks, “Want to hear the most annoying sound in the world?” Well, I think Carey has just been topped. 😛