Computer Outlook Radio Show with John Iasiuolo

If you haven’t downloaded it already, the mp3 archive/podcast for December 15th‘s Computer Outlook radio show has been posted. You can find it at this URL. For December’s show, we interviewed Scott MacHaffie who wrote the book “Palm and Treo Hacks : Tips & Tools for Mastering Your Handheld“, which is an excellent book. I highly recommend it.

I hope to write a full review of the book at NPUG, but until then I can sum up the book thusly – it’s like having a Palm User Group in your hand. Every tip, or trick that we’ve ever given at the Nashville PUG meeting is covered in this book and more.

I thought the show was pretty good, but allow me apologize in advance for talking all over John’s attempt to go to break. With the new conferencing system he’s using, it’s VERY hard to hear him due to an abundance of slap back echo. If I were to stop every time I heard something odd, I’d never get more than three words out at a time, because I would be pausing to see if what I was hearing was me, or someone else speaking. It’s very frustrating and it was because of this slap back issue that I didn’t hear John trying to interrupt me to go to break. Sorry about that.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the interview and you can find the show notes at this link.