Computer Outlook Radio Show with John Iasiuolo

Last Thursday, I co-hosted the Computer Outlook radio show. Our guests were Toshi Hokari of Altec Lansing and Keith Barraclough, the CEO of Avvenu.

Toshi talked about the new speaker systems that Altec Lansing has released for the Treo, iPod and laptop. I’d love to get my hands on a pair, but everyone says that these things sound great.

Keith discussed the free remote access system Avvenu. Avvenu allows you to access the data on your PC using any browser. Since it uses a web browser and not a special application, you can access your data from a connected mobile device, such as a Treo. I installed it during the show and I have to say, it’s pretty sweet.

Show notes for this episode can be found at this link, and the .mp3 file can be found at this link.