Tab Trailer ClamshellI am so green with envy I could spit. A good friend of mine, Chris Dunphy, is currently traveling the west coast in his Tab Trailer. He’s documenting his travels on his blog and recently posted an update.

Personally, I’m more of a bicycle touring person, but I have to say after seeing his trailer, it definitely makes me consider RV-ing. I love the floor plan and envious as hell that I’m not doing a trip of my own. There’s just something about being that portable and compact that I find so appealing.

Chris’ initial plan is to spend the summer going up and down the coast, but I hope he’ll expand his plans and venture out a little farther east. If I’m lucky, he’ll make his way over to Tennessee and come stay awhile. 🙂

I take an occasional week here-or-there to do a bicycle tour, but my one-and-only extended vagabonding was back in 1990 when I toured Europe by bicycle for 6 months. Following Chris’ travels makes me think back to that time and yearn for the open road. No deadlines, few responsibilities, just me and my bike making my way wherever the wind blew. Oh how I miss it.

Best of luck Chris – you lucky dog! 😀