I’m a HUGE fan of the Palm OS operating system, aka Palm Pilots. Have been since 1997 when I bought a used Pilot 1000. As a rabid fan, I’ve collected as much Palm stuff as possible. One of the things that I dug up many years ago were some television ads that Palm did. Not being a huge company with a huge marketing budget, television advertising is not something that Palm has done a lot of. Many of their ads never made it to TV, but were used for trade shows and the like.

This morning, I was reading Mike Mace’s article “We need a new mobile platform. Sort of.” and he made reference to the Palm Ad “A Perfect Day” and the fact that he couldn’t find the video online. I decided to do my civic geeky duty and upload the video to YouTube.com. Not wanting to stop there, I decided to upload all the videos I’ve collected over the years. 8)

The playlist and the embedded player below, have the videos in date order as best as I can tell. There are 6 videos in all — enjoy.