simplydigital.jpgThe second episode for the Simply Digital podcast has been posted. This week’s episode is on Firewalls. Although the topic of security isn’t necessarily an exciting one, it IS an important part of your home and office Internet security. So if you have about 15 minutes, stop by and take a listen. 🙂

FYI, I’m posting the new episodes every Wednesday, so if you’ve subscribed already, that’s when you can expect to find a new one.

Computer Outlook Radio Show with John Iasiuolo

The Computer Outlook Radio Show has posted the most recent “Palm Lifestyles” show that we did last week. Our guest was Bryan Nystrom from Natara Sofware

If you missed the live airing, you can download the podcast a this link and you can find the show notes at this link.

About Bryan Nystrom
Bryan is the Chief Technical Officer and one of the founders of Natara Software. Founded in 1998, Natara’s first product was Project@Hand, which enabled Microsoft Project users to take their project files “to go”.

Since their first product, Natara have released a bevy of top notch software that clearly illustrate their their development philosphy “Handhelds are an extension to the desktop, not a replacement.” — Bonsai4, DayNotez and Comet, just to name a few. Once you’ve sample one of Natara’s applications, you’ll quickly see why they’ve become one of the premier Palm OS developers in the mobile space today.

Recently, Natara just released a new application, Quanto, an application that helps you see where your time is really going. Not only that, but the Natara boys have also begun their foray into the PocketPC side of the mobile landscape with the release of DayNotez for PPC.