I made a few updates over the past couple of days that I thought I’d share.

New Photos
For starters, I updated the random photos that appear in the upper right corner of every page with MY photos and not just the stock photos that came with the theme. There should be around 10 images that include photos of Gracie, Holly, me and various vacation photos. It’s just a small touch, but it makes the site a little more personal.

One of the things that bothers me with all the meta data that we toss about through various online services, such as Twitter, is that it’s just lost in the ether… net. You know what I mean. 🙂 Unless you happen to subscribe to my Twitter feed, you’re not going to be aware that I’m posting there. Well, now there’s a solution – it’s called Lifestreaming.

Thanks to a handy little WordPress plugin called Wp-Lifestream, I can now catch all those little bits and put them all in a list. You can find a short list on the sidebar on the home page and a more complete list under the Lifestream page.

It may be a bit too much transparency in my life, but I’m giving it a shot to see. Right now I think it’s kinda cool to be able to share what I’m bookmarking, listening to, or commenting elsewhere. What do you think?