I feel like my head is going to explode if I don’t do a brain dump.

Things have been very busy at the company I work for EarthChannel so I haven’t been blogging like I would like to… The community web site I tried to launch last year PEG Channels has been a failure… EarthChannel really needs a blog to help tell our story and put a voice on the company so I’ve been thinking a lot about what that would look like and sound like… I really like how Griffin Technologies has handled their social marketing… we had some crazy flooding here in Nashville. Holly and I are fine, the office and house were no worse for the wear but a lot of the places I love have been damaged severely… I want to delete my Facebook account and feel like I should do the same with Twitter… Mike Rohde’s illustrations are in a New York Times Best Seller and there’s a really nice interview with him about sketchnotes and how the his involvement with REWORK came to be… there’s a lot of news about Flash and HTML5 which impacts my business and I have a lot of thoughts on the matter… I like Steve Job’s letter and thought it hit on some key points that I agree with… I bought Holly an iPad and she really likes it… Been thinking a lot about minimalism and simplicity and doing more with less, so I haven’t bought an iPad, but I still wish I had one… I miss the community that we had with the Nashville Palm Users Group and I haven’t found anything to fill that hole. I’m tempted to jump head first into something, but don’t want to overcommit to a huge time suck… I wish I had a podcast still, but I don’t want to do the work, can’t I just talk? I’m good at that… went to Baton Rouge and hung out with “the guys” and had a fantastic time with them… flash sucks… I love my I7 27″ iMac… coming from Louisiana it boggles my mind to think that only 13.53″ of rain fell here in Tennessee over a two-day period. I’ve seen 12″ fall in an hour in Baton Rouge. However, when you realize that 13.53″ inches represents two months worth of rain I suppose that gives some perspective… I’ve got to stop drinking diet coke and get back on my diet… I’ve got to get back to work.