One of the blogs that I follow,, had a post today about RSS entitled The Case For RSS. Of course it’s not a direct answer to my post, Does Anyone Use RSS Anymore, but it does answer the question nicely.

In his article, David Sparks says that he’s still a big fan of RSS and uses it to this day and finds a distinct difference between news feeds and Twitter.

If a few days go by, I can open RSS and go through my carefully curated list of websites and get caught back up with the world.

In follow up to his article, David reposted a tweet from David Brownman regarding an alternative to RSS & Atom.

I have read a few articles on the subject and a lot of people really like it, so I went to the and found that they had a WordPress plugin and decided to install it and add it to the top menu under “Feeds”.

If you prefer json feeds over RSS, and you want to subscribe to my blog, then you can use the following link — — to subscribe.