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I’m Having A Level 42 Flashback

Syncopation = CHECK Tight Bass and Drum = CHECK 80’s Pop Influence = CHECK Justin Bieber Song = WTF?!? Ok, this cover is just all kinds of awesome. I’m having flashbacks of Swing Out Sister or Level 42 meets Return to Forever and I’m listening to a Bieber song?

“So What” – Animated Sheet Music

I can’t begin to tell you how much this video makes my day week month… well you get the idea. The following video is an animation of sheet music to Miles Davis’ “So What”, which is quite possibly my favorite song of all time. I transcribed Davis’ solo in high school and to see it […]

Still Downloading

It’s been 24-hours and I’m still downloading files. 178 files have already download, which were mostly video files, but I still have 1632 left to go.

iTunes Rescued & Weighed

My external drive which was the home of my iTunes library crashed a few weeks ago and NO, I didn’t have it backed up. I need to get a Drobo, but the first order of business was to see if iTunes would allow me to retrieve any of my past purchases. I sent an e-mail […]

I Can’t Make It Stop

The music is in the video below is brutally awful, but I can’t stop watching the woman doing sign language in the bottom right corner. Seriously. I can’t stop. Maybe it’s her attitude, her facial expressions, her attempts to keep the beat, the Flashdance attire, or the delicious bouillabaisse of all these ingredients, but I […]

To Reply Or Not To Reply, That Is The Question

A friend of mine recently asked me my advice on a song he’d written. The song wasn’t great and I’ve definitely heard worse, but it just wasn’t right for the market he was after. The hard part was putting together my reply. Do I wuss out and give a vague “yeah man, cool” response, or […]

Auto-Tune the News

Since it’s Friday, I figured I’d post something funny. I may be a little late to the party on this one, but The Gregory Brothers created a series called Auto-tune the News on YouTube that’s a riot.

Imogen Heap – Ellipse Live Stream

Going through the morning e-mail, tweets and other such updates and came across the most wonderful surprise. Imogen Heap is streaming her latest album, “Ellipse” online. I’ve already pre-ordered the album on iTunes, but since it doesn’t release until August 24th, I’m thrilled that I don’t have to wait any longer to enjoy her new […]

Return of the “B-Side”?

Just last week, Dan and I were engaged in a little music trivia and the topic of “B-Sides” came up. I lamented that it was a shame to lose the B-side because I discovered a lot of music that way, but that there was no digital equivalent. Well, I guess I spoke to soon. Today […]

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