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I love a good story

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Something Caught My Eye This Morning

On my way into work today, I stopped by Starbucks for my usual Saturday treat. The Nippers Corner location features outdoor seating and just adjacent to the door was a woman that caught my eye as I stepped past her to the front door and into the coffee shop. What drew my attention wasn’t her […]

I Could Get Used To This

This spring has been surprisingly delightful this year due to an occasional ritual that I have stumbled onto. I can’t say that it has become a habit as of yet, but a couple of times a week I have found a wonderful way to unwind after work. My favorite cigar store is on my way […]


The images above are examples of the name tags that were used at the last Facebook Developer Conference. The design completely blows me away. All I can do is sit and drool looking at these incredible name tags. If you want more, I suggest you check out the Fonts In Use article since they have […]

I came across this image yesterday when I was exploring Ffffound! and would love to purchase this flag. Given that I run a media streaming business, I think some high-quality footage of this flag blowing in the wind would be great for demos and “technical difficulty” messaging. If anyone has a suggestion of where I […]

Things That Caught My Eye Today

There are many distractions that entertain me throughout the day. Some from Twitter, others from RSS feeds. The following are the best of the best for a Friday: Perking Up: The Coffee Economy Awakes iPhone Web Development Honoring Apple from 1976 to the Italian introduction of the iPad StreetMuseum Tina Fey’s greatest comedy moments I […]

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