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Giving “Wumbler” A Test Drive

After my post entitled WordPress Needs More Tumblr Style Templates, I couldn’t leave well enough alone. I kept returning to the themes I listed over-and-over. Each time picturing what my site would look like once the theme was activated. None of them had 100% of what I wanted, but as you can no doubt tell […]

WordPress Needs More Tumblr Style Templates

I’ve been thrilled beyond belief since switching to WordPress back in 2008 and I continue to be amazed with nearly every update. WordPress is truly fantastic software and it forms the base of any web project that I’m involved in because I can manage just about any type of content I need to. That being […]

How I Blog

This is my third article today and I was contemplating why I was posting so much this afternoon and the answer surprised me — because it’s fun! I have created a toolbox of software that makes publishing to my blog quick and easy. I thought it might be helpful to explain the tools behind, […]

Mashby Version 3.0

This weekend I updated the template that I use on my blog. As I’m wont to do, freshening up the site turned my thoughts back to the the origins and history of my blog. Oh what a humble little blog we were back in 2003. Anyway, I decided to do a recap and share my […]

WordPress iPhone Application

Following a link from Matt’s Twitter feed, I discovered that WordPress has an iPhone app and I just HAD to test it out. It has a ton of cool features, such as: support for multiple blogs, posting photos, and moderatation of comments just to name a few. I’m just getting into it, but I have […]

Little Bits Of Brilliance

Dan sent me a link in IM this afternoon that turned out to be quite the find. He said he was searching for the domain to see if it was available and surprised to find that it redirected to a blog entitled Ensuite at The blog is comprised of very short entries that […]

Alchemy In Action

I switched from MoveableType to WordPress back in September of last year and it’s been one of the best decisions that I’ve made regarding this blog. WordPress is just so much easier and, dare I say, FUN to use. There’s a richer developer community, more templates and generally more help out there than there is […]

Why I Read 43Folders

I’ve been a huge fan of Merlin Mann ever since I got into Getting Things Done and stumbled onto his web site 43Folders. Yesterday Merlin posted one of his missivies on productivity that is an instant classic and it reminds me why I continue to read his web site. In his article Mud Rooms, Red […]

I’ve Switched To WordPress

Since 2003, when I started this blog, I’ve used MovableType as the Content Management System (CMS) but I’ve decided that it’s time for a change. Beginning today, I’m now using WordPress as my CMS tool for Why the change? Well, it’s nothing dramatic, or awe inspiring — I simply wanted a change. The grass […]

Paying The Price For Being #1

One of the funny things about having a blog is that you never know what is going to strike a chord with the people that read your blog, or for that matter Google. By some quirk of an algorithm you find that you’re at the top of the charts on one topic or another and […]

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