Dan sent me a link in IM this afternoon that turned out to be quite the find. He said he was searching for the domain gumbydammit.com to see if it was available and surprised to find that it redirected to a blog entitled Ensuite at www.neodorks.com.

The blog is comprised of very short entries that almost come off as jokes from a FOO stand up routine, if it weren’t for their somewhat elitist tone. Being somewhat elitist myself, I found nearly every entry a riot, but a few were real standouts.


We flew in to San Francisco as we’ve done a dozen times over these past few months.

Our tiny jet is more a floating foyer than a formal jetliner and, at 40,000 feet, the rules and conventions of commercial air travel simply do not apply.

“I’ll bet I could get that door opened before you could kill me,” she said in a voice that she would likely have described as playful.

I finished my scotch, turned my seat toward hers, and unbuckled my restraint.

“Ready?” I asked.

I’ll bet we never speak of this again.

It appears that several people write for the blog and it’s full of little tidbits of clever conversations. Conversations where the writer has the perfect comeback that most people think of 10 minutes later. Check it out, it’s worth the read.