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Upgrading to Mavericks

Like most Mac users, I was very excited to upgrade to Apple’s latest version of their desktop operating system (OS), [Mavericks][1] and chose to immediately upgrade. Well, at least on my laptop. Making the move to the new OS on my production machine was not something that I took lightly, so I waited to see if there were any issues before making the move. After using it for over a month on my Macbook Air without issue, I decided to take the plunge and do a clean install today.

Since my blog has become a mental resource to remind me of things that have happened in my past, I figured I’d put together a walkthrough of the process I went through.
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Clacky Types Again!

When I made the switch to the Mac back in 2006, one of the hardest things to give up was “Clacky”, my much beloved IBM Model M keyboard. Not having the Command Key, or a Windows key for that matter, was an unfortunate deal killer for me. Granted the keyboard was made in 1990, so […]

Any Buyer’s Remorse Yet?

Today Apple unveiled new iMacs, which marks the second refresh to the line since I purchased my 27″ i7 back in January 2010. I dug through the specs, like I’ve done before, to see if there was anything compelling enough to consider upgrading. The differences between what I have now and the new 27″ i7 […]

No Buyer’s Remorse Here

Apple just came out with their latest iMacs yesterday, so I took a look at their specs to see how much has changed in the last six months. I’m happy to say very little! If I were to replace my 27″ i7 iMac today, I would get the following: A processor that is .13GHz faster. […]

Things That Caught My Eye Today

There are many distractions that entertain me throughout the day. Some from Twitter, others from RSS feeds. The following are the best of the best for a Friday: Perking Up: The Coffee Economy Awakes iPhone Web Development Honoring Apple from 1976 to the Italian introduction of the iPad StreetMuseum Tina Fey’s greatest comedy moments I […]

The Road Less Traveled — E-mail Archives

I recently upgraded from version 1.0 of the iPhone to the iPhone 3Gs and did so using the “Restore from backup” feature. For the most part everything went fine, but for a couple of security apps that I use, the transition was all but smooth. Without getting too technical, what I learned was that these […]

The Future Of Download TV Looks Very Bright

A flat-screen television with sunglasses onI’ve written in the past how much I enjoy Broadcatching, but since that article it’s become harder and harder to use BitTorrent to successfully download content. On the other hand, it could also be that broadcatching has the same hurdles it always had, but I’m just now finding it tedious. Whatver the case, downloading TV isn’t what it use to be back in the day – like 9 months ago. Of course, I’ve also been a big proponet of the broadcasters selling their content online via download. In fact, for the record, I wrote about the viability of this content distribution channel back in May 2005. So you can imagine my elation and sense of validation when Apple announced that they were now distributing television via iTunes.

In case you missed the announcement, Apple released its next generation iPods and one of the new features was the ability to play videos. In addition, they announced that they were now making available for sale music videos and select television content from ABC and Disney. This was HUGE news, because it was the first step in what will probably become an avalanche of content. For now though, there’s only 3 shows from ABC (Lost, Desperate Housewives, and Night Stalker) and 2 from Disney (That’s So Raven, and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody), but with those two large networks signed up, it’s only a matter of time before other broadcasters belly up to the bar.

Now I could lose myself in the possibilities and the excitement of what’s to come, but given that the menu that is currently available for TV is fairly small, I think I’ll refrain. Why? Because it’s clear that the powers that be want to make sure that this model is viable. By releasing only three shows a piece, the broadcasters clearly want some proof before they go whole hog and provide more content. I was expecting to have to wait six months before the results came out, but Apple announced on October 10th that they had sold over 1 Million videos in 20 days. Whaaa?!? :O

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