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Logo of the Jolly Roger Telephone Co.

Jolly Roger Telephone Co.

Oh man, I wish I had thought of this. Jolly Roger Telephone Co. is a service that allows you to forward telemarketers to their AI bots which attempt to keep them on the line for as long as possible. Brilliant. At $2 per month, I’m actually tempted to try this service out. Especially after listening […]

When Did I Get So Smart?

A friend of mine, Tim Davies, forwarded a link to me today asking me “When did you get a Ph.D?” I had get about 5-minutes into the video, but it was worth the wait when I saw the following. It’s always funny to me when I see someone with the same name as me. I’m […]

Not Entirely True, But Still Funny

Received this in my inbox today and the last paragraph just had me in stitches. Turns out it’s not true in it’s entirety, the thief was not seriously injured, but it’s still funny.

I Can’t Make It Stop

The music is in the video below is brutally awful, but I can’t stop watching the woman doing sign language in the bottom right corner. Seriously. I can’t stop. Maybe it’s her attitude, her facial expressions, her attempts to keep the beat, the Flashdance attire, or the delicious bouillabaisse of all these ingredients, but I […]

My Thoughts Exactly

I just read a great article on Gizmodo by Peter Serafinowicz regarding the various reasons he chooses to pirate music and video entitled “Why I Steal Movies… Even Ones I’m In. It’s a pretty funny read, but it’s also very much on the nose for why I too sometimes download content through illegal means. I […]

Auto-Tune the News

Since it’s Friday, I figured I’d post something funny. I may be a little late to the party on this one, but The Gregory Brothers created a series called Auto-tune the News on YouTube that’s a riot.

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