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One Drop Too Many

Earlier this week, my iPhone 4 slipped out of my hands and fell on the sidewalk outside of a Chipotle restaurant. Unfortunately, it was one drop too many and the screen broke. As luck would have it, the screen still works and the phone is still functional, albeit hard to read through the cracks. My […]

Momento for iPhone

I have never been particularly good at keeping a journal. Every now and then I get on a kick where I do it somewhat regularly, but more often than not, weeks or even months go by between an entry. As a result, most of my entries are guilt-ridden diatribes attempting to catch up on everything […]

Oh My Stars…

This really takes me back to my heydays with my lust for Palm and all things clear. And the fact that all it takes is patience and paint thinner is driving me nuts. I can’t tell you how badly I want to run to Home Depot right now.

Oh So Tempting

AT&T will charge me $499 for the new iPhone 4. If I trade in my current iPhone 3GS, it brings the price down to $310. How can I resist? Please, tell me! HOW!?!?!?


As you can see from the image above, I don’t qualify for the subsidized pricing until March of next year. QQ

Things That Caught My Eye Today

There are many distractions that entertain me throughout the day. Some from Twitter, others from RSS feeds. The following are the best of the best for a Friday: Perking Up: The Coffee Economy Awakes iPhone Web Development Honoring Apple from 1976 to the Italian introduction of the iPad StreetMuseum Tina Fey’s greatest comedy moments I […]

AT&T Text Support

Hopefully the text message above is an indicator that AT&T is looking to be more proactive in customer service. AT&T has been ranked lowest in customer satisfaction as far as service is concerned. However, 98% say they’d buy another iPhone on AT&T because they’re so happy with the device. I’m no huge fan of AT&T, […]

WordPress iPhone Application

Following a link from Matt’s Twitter feed, I discovered that WordPress has an iPhone app and I just HAD to test it out. It has a ton of cool features, such as: support for multiple blogs, posting photos, and moderatation of comments just to name a few. I’m just getting into it, but I have […]

Seinfeld’s Take On Mobile Devices

There’s been a lot of chatter in my world regarding mobile devices recently, what with the new Palm Prè (and no, I’m not creating another Palm User Group) and the new iPhone 3 GS. With all the focus on specs and how-it-all-works kind of stuff, it was nice with I came across this video, where […]

iPhone Development Is A Whole New Ballgame for Palm OS Developers

In my last article, I wrote about how excited I was to see Palm developers moving over to develop for the iPhone. Specifically, I mentioned how pleased I was to see that Stevens Creek Software will be releasing HandyRandy . Well, it seems that I wasn’t the only one that took notice of Stevens Creek’s […]

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