Movie FilmAnyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE movies. However, I’ve delayed adding a section of movies for some unknown reason. I don’t know if it was because I knew that there would be a lot of work involved in creating the layout for me to use, or if I simply thought I didn’t have much to say. Granted I do talk a lot 🙂 but trying to put together a cohesive and interesting review of a movie is a little bit different.

I guess it was watching The Wedding Planner that finally did me in. That movie was bad, but it was also insulting at how bad it was, so I just felt compelled to share my thoughts on the subject. That in turn lead to the movies section of the site and 7 total reviews for your reading pleasure. Being a NetFlix subscriber, as well as an overall movie junkie, there should be no shortage of content in this new section. 😛

EDIT: I consolidated the posts found in the “movies” section into the main weblog. So you can find them in the main archives under the “movies” category [link] (08/12/2003)