Dungeons & Dragons - Original BoxI was just watching Conan O’ Brian on TV and they had Vin Diesel as a guest. He was promoting his new movie A Man Apart. The first time I remember seeing Vin was in Pitch Black, which I thought was an ok movie, but Vin’s performance was pretty cool. Then I saw him in The Fast And The Furious. The movie was ok and his performance was so-so, but it was XXX that did it in for me. That movie was complete garbage. So, my overall impression of Vin Diesel was pretty low.

Then, just 10 minutes ago, Mr. Diesel just admitted to being into Dungeons & Dragons (aka D & D). Not only that, but he created his own character whose name was tattooed on his stomach in XXX. 8) I didn’t hear the name clearly, but I think he said it was Melcor. Don’t belive me? See for yourself.

Back before video games, there was D&D and it was a great game to use your imagination and have fun playing with friends. With pencil and paper we would map out dungeons on graph paper, roll 20 sided die to see if we killed an Orc and read books on what to do next. Think about that compared to playing games today. Imagine having to read entire books on how to play a game using a pencil and paper. With Gameboy Advanced SP flying off the shelves today, what I’m describing sounds like pure insanity! :O

To play D&D you had to be pretty committed to the game. It wasn’t Monopoly, or Clue where you could pick it up in a few minutes. D&D was a game that you had to really dig deep to learn how to play and you had to keep records in order to continue playing in the future. So, hearing that Vin Diesel was into this game bumped him up a notch in my book. I know that’s geeky, but watch out, or I’ll attack you with a level 4 poison missile spell. 😉