PigPenHaving a pool is both a blessing and a curse. When everything is clean and working properly it is an absolute joy. It’s one of those moments where you think to yourself this is the good life. However, when your pool is not working properly, or when it’s dirty it’s an absolute nightmare. It sometimes feels that it’s more a curse than a blessing.

That was definitely the case last year. I just couldn’t keep the darn thing clean. I would have everything balanced one day only to have the water turn murky the next. I tested the water every weekend at Pool and Spa depot and every weekend I was having do invoke some voodoo chemical ceremony to try and bring the water back. “Take this phRise and put it in a pillow case and drag it through the water. But don’t touch it or it’ll burn you.” I’m not kidding, that was just one of the many weird things I had to do last year. Unfortunately, none of the things I did had any real long term solution and when it was time to winterize the pool, I just gave up. I cried uncle and let the pool water slide into decay and decomposition.

Cleaning out the pool this year was a bit of a journey, as such, I created a Travelogue (edit: deleted) for it. It was simply too long to try and post here. To read all the gory details, please select this link (edit: deleted). There is also a photo gallery (edit: deleted) that goes along with it. Warning, these photos are pretty nasty. 🙂