StroopwafelI stumbled upon the stroopwafel some 10 years ago back in Baton Rouge. Coffee shops where just beginning to blossom around the United States and people weren’t quite sure what to make of them. In fact, I remember the first time I walked into Perks Coffee and Tea Shop and was shocked that I couldn’t order bacon and eggs. :O Like I said, people (including myself) were just learning what a coffee shop was all about. The idea of going someplace just for coffee seemed a bit strange.

Needless to say, I quickly got the hang of it and began visiting Perks on a frequent basis. What I discovered is that there was food to eat, just not the kind that comes off the griddle. 🙂 Bagels, muffins and other pastries were quite plentiful and good and made for a nice start on the day. There was also something new that I had never tried before – the Stroopwafel.

A stroopwafel is a traditional Dutch pastry that consists of a layer of caramel and spices sandwiched between two thin wafers of waffle. The giant size just happens to fit perfectly on top of a cup of coffee. What I would do is place it on top of my cup and let the steam from the coffee slightly heat the stroopwafel. It would get all gooey and warm and delicious. Oh man were those things good.

Since leaving Baton Rouge many moons ago, I haven’t been able to find them. In fact, I’d almost forgotten what a Stroopwafel was until I came across them again at my favorite coffee shop – Perk Central. What a pleasant surprise! So for the past few days, as I’ve enjoyed my french press of Torrefazione Italia – Palermo Blend, I’ve had a little treat sitting on top.

If you have a speciality foods store in your town, you might want to see if you can find a stroopwafel. You won’t be sorry. 😀