Gracie SleepingIt’s a miracle, but Gracie slept in the bed with us the whole night! This is the first time we’ve gone the entire night without Gracie starting a ruckus with the cats, so clearly we’re making progress. I ended up leaving her leash on her so that she couldn’t hop down and go cat chasing, so that may have been the ticket. I toss and turn a good bit throughout the night, but she stayed at my feet the whole time. Once my alarm went off the magic was broken and she was ready to play. If nothing else, Gracie is a snooze button killer. 😉

The only real downside to this momentus occassion is that with a dog and two cats sharing the bed it’s getting a little crowded. We have two other cats and if they were to join in, I don’t know where Holly and I would sleep. We have a queen now, but Holly says she’s been keeping her eye out on a king size. 🙂 Oh and it case you haven’t seen them yet, I put up a new gallery entitled Gracie’s First Bath EDIT: deleted.