Pleasantly Confused.comI have a habit of pushing things that I like onto my friends, family and basically anyone who will listen. When I first fell in love with the Franklin Day Planner I extolled it’s virtues till I was blue in the face. Later came the PalmPilot and I’ve been carrying on about that awesome device since 1997! My most recent ‘favorite thing to talk about’ has been Movable Type and creating your own weblog.

For my close friends my conversion talk may be a bit unbearable at times. For Dan Westman, he finally buckled under the “you need a weblog” pressure and created his own. His weblog is entitled Pleasantly Confused and if his first entry is any indication, all the pressure I put on him was worth it. 🙂 Dan is has one of the sharpest minds around and his first entry had me laughing on the floor. If you have a second, please stop by, check out his weblog and say hello.