Since turning in my Jeep last week, our family is now a car short. Since I needed a car to visit a client site this morning, I had to make arragements with my Mom to take her to work and use her car for the day. She leaves for work at 6:45am, so that didn’t leave much time to ride.

I still thought I could squeeze in a quick ride though, so I set the alarm for 5:00am and actually woke up when it went off. After the shock of realizing that I was actually awake wore off, I looked outside and it was still pitch black. I reset the alarm for 5:30am, but found when I awoke that it was still dark. So I reset the alarm for 6:00am and bailed on the ride.

It’s a shame because I really wanted to get in another ride or two before leaving tomorrow. I especially wanted to ride this morning with the full load. I had packed my panniers with everything I’m bringing last night, so I was hoping to get familar with the weight and get at least 10 miles in.

Oh well, it’s just wasn’t meant to be. Maybe my legs needed the rest and tomorrow I’ll find that it’s a piece of cake. 🙂