Nashville StarHolly auditioned for the USA Networks television show Nashville Star this past weekend, only she didn’t do it in person. Instead, she submitted a video tape of her music and her life for the producers to review. If chosen for the show, she will have to live in a house here in Nashville with the other 9 contestants during the competition. The winner receives a recording contract from Sony Music Nashville.

This is the second season for Nashville Star and although we don’t think that she’ll be picked, it was a good excercise and helped generate a lot of ideas and focus on Holly’s music career. It’s not that we don’t think that Holly is talented enough, quite the opposite, it’s just that there are so many people auditioning for these coveted 10 slots that the chances of the producers watching her video and choosing her seem quite slim. But whose to say? I’m sure last year’s winner, Buddy Jewell thought the same thing when he auditioned.

The video was broken down into two sections, “My Songs” and “My Life”. Each section could be no longer than 10 minutes and they could not be professionally produced. I borrowed a DV camera from my buddy Jason Young and Holly and I spent the past week shooting footage. Over the Thanksgiving holidays, I edited together the video using my old Sony 800MHz laptop and Microsoft Movie Maker software. It was an interesting experience and showed me just how little I know about shooting video. 😛 The final day of editing had me up for over 24 hours, but we finished the tape and had it FedEx’d to California on Saturday morning. The producers have it in their possession now and we’ll let you know if we hear anything.

In the meantime, if you’d like to see how the videos turned out, please choose from the links below. All the clips are in Windows Meda Player format (sorry Mac guys). I recommend downloading the large files if you can, because the small clips are not that good – you lose a lot of detail. Oh and one last caveat, no effects were used in the audio, so what you’re hearing is Holly singing “raw.” For example, in Lost In America, what you’re hearing is Holly singing in the car to the radio. We didn’t have the time or equipment to do anything fancy. 😀

Part One – My Music [large (46.4MB)] [small (2.5MB)]

Part Two – My Life [large (46.4MB)] [small (2.5MB)]