James and the guys lauding over their catchMy father-in-law took a fishing trip this past weekend. His firm wrapped up a big case and he treated his associates to a fishing trip in and around the Gulf with Captain Frank Moore (aka Fishing With The King). They had an incredible catch as evidenced by this picture. According to the Captain’s Log

Two day report from the beach!!!!!!!!! Had the pleasure of fishing yesterday with JR Cox and associates. The guys came in the night before from baton rouge and we got an early start. We had a reds and heads day catching 5 reds in the 8-12 pound range along with a bunch of sheepshead. We also had about 10 trout. We filled the big igloo to the top. We fished hard burning 50 gallons of gas. Came back to the lodge and had a fresh fish brunch while the fish were being cleaned.

James, my father-in-law, said that the accommodations were great and that it was a great trip. They didn’t have to do anything but fish. Captain Frank did everything, including cleaning the fish while they enjoyed a nice lunch. Sounds like they were in fishing heaven! Oh and by the way, that cooler they filled? Yeah, it’s a 162-quart. :O Translation – that’s a LOT of fish they caught.