A 50's style image of a man pointing at a chart on the wallThere’s an old saying that goes, “There’s lies, damn lies, and then statistics.” Regardless of the addage, I still like looking at them from time-to-time, especially this time of year. Maybe it’s from all my days in marketing, but I like looking at charts and graphs and comparing results from one year to the next. So this year, since I now have enough data, I put together a little presentation to see how 2004 stacked up to 2003.

In looking over all the pretty bar and line graphs, a couple of interesting things poped out at me:

Total number of page views:
» Increased by 665%

Total number of unique visitors:
» Increased by 403%

Total number of articles posted:
» Decreased by -60%

So what does all this mean? Well, this means that readership of the site in 2004 increased six-fold, but I published half as much. :s

A couple of other little tidbits of note:

Most Popular Entry:
» Climbing Mt. Validation
» 1219 page views

Most Popular Category
» Natchez Trace Travelogue
» 1746 page views

Most Popular Category In Main Weblog:
» Technology
» 967 page views
These last numbers are based on the pageviews in the database and not hard numbers. I’d have to REALLY crunch some numbers to get the actualy numbers. That would require a TON of input and I think I’ve gone on long enough with this business dont you? :p

If you’d like to see the full report, simply select the link below for an Adobe Acrobat Presentation:

Adobe Acrobat mashby.com 2004 Statistics (46k)