John F**kin' MeseI haven’t been a big fan of the new FOX television show “Bones“, but tonight is a “must see” night to watch, because my good friend John Mese . The episode is entitled “The Superhero In The Alley” and John will be playing the part of Ted McGruder. I don’t know how big of a role he’ll have in the episode, but I’m hoping it’s pretty big.

John told me he landed the role after his performance on “Law & Order in the episode Acid (which you can download on iTunes by the way). Someone saw him and from that he was cast in this episode of “Bones”. My hope is that his role will be fairly prominent, since his role on Law & Order, as Jason Corely, was pretty large as the “bad guy.”

Anyway, be sure to check out “Bones” tonight to see John’s performance. Regardless of the size of his role, I’m sure that it will be memorable. John’s really good at making his character’s stand out. 🙂