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Absolute Brilliance – Old Spice Personalized Commercials

It’s Friday and you don’t want to work and you’re looking for a distraction? Well, look no further! OldSpice has done a series of personalized commercials and posted them on YouTube. Simply go to this link and prepare to be amazed. Very funny, very clever and I have no doubt that I’ll be buying an […]

My New Favorite Show – “Modern Family”

A friend of mine recommended a new comedy from ABC called “Modern Family” and I think I owe him one. It’s cleverly written and VERY funny. It’s done in a hybrid classic sitcom/reality show style, kind of like “The Office”, but without the awkward moments. The actors are suppose to know the camera is there, […]

Jim Cramer On The Daily Show

I didn’t see it on TV when it occurred, but apparently Jim Cramer made an appearance on “The Daily Show with John Stewart” and didn’t fare so well, to put it mildly. There’s a lot of buzz about this on the Internet and after watching the un-edited video, I can see why. Jim Cramer really […]

My Thoughts Exactly

I just came across this video of Craig Ferguson from his opening monologue from his show The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (tip of the hat to FiatLux, by way of GearBits), and I have to say that he really hits the nail on the head. He’s recently become a naturalized American citizen and […]

JJ Abrams TED Talk

I came across this video of JJ Abrams giving a talk at TED and I just had to share it. For those that don’t know JJ Abrams is the genius behind, Alias, Lost, Mission Impossible III and the recently released Cloverfield. Consistent throughout all his work is that there is always an element of mystery. […]

Gary Vaynerchuk On Conan

Gary Vaynerchuk, who recently took over one of my favorite sites Cork’d was on Conan recently and did a very funny bit with Conan on how to build a “proper” palate for wine tasting. Good stuff!

“I Find The Pastrami To Be The Most Sensual Of All The Salted Cured Meats”

George CostanzaIt’s been quite a while since we’ve had cable television in the Ashby household. Most of my TV has come from either rabbit ears, or BitTorrent, so when we sit down to watch the boob tube it’s a bit of a challenge. Either the picture is fuzzy and peppered with artifacts, or I have to boot the laptop and find the show I want to watch. If it’s not downloaded already, then I get to watch it the next day. :s

Feeling as if Holly had suffered too long from being about to watch CMT and GAC, I finally broke down and ordered it for her. Comcast came out this week to install digital cable and I’m happy to report that it went without a hitch. Wanting to “test the system,” I bounced around a few channels and explored the online guide. Since it’s digital cable, there’s a programming guide that shows you what’s coming up. Scanning the channels, I came across my much beloved, and sorely missed station — channel 72, OLN.

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Can I Choose Purple?

ABC News Special - State Of The Union: A Country DividedLast night, Holly and I were watching TV and there wasn’t much on, so when we came across the 20/20 Special “State Of The Union: A Country Divided“, we watched the introduction to the show. As George Stephanopoulos gave an overview of what was to come and showed clips of what we would be seeing, I was startled to see one of my clients being interviewed! Nothing else had our attention, so we stayed tuned to watch more.

The basic premise of the show was that the United States is more divided than ever, polarized if you will, between liberal (blue state) and conservative (red state). So George showed the small town of Montclair, New Jersey to illustrate a blue state community and then Franklin, Tennessee as a red state community. That’s where my client came in. H. Leonard Issacs is a reverend for a church in Franklin, among other faith based endeavors, and he leads a mens prayer group in Darryl Waltrip’s home.

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