A microphoneHolly will be performing live at Dan McGuiness Irish Pub tonight at 8pm. She’s part of a ladies’ night with an organization called the Women in Music Business Association (WMBA) of which she is a member.

Holly’s performing a total of four songs – three originals and one cover. Her set will include:
» Lost In America – by Larry Wayne Clark and Tom Fisch
» I Wanna Live Like That – by Larry Wayne Clark
» You Don’t Know Me – by Eddie Arnold and Cindy Walker
» What’s Not To Like – by Holly Ashby

The first two numbers are from her last demo album and the third one is a cover. The reason for the cover is that it’s always good to throw in at least one song that the audience already knows. New music is good, but hearing the familiar now-and-again helps keep people attention.

What I’m most excited about is her last number, “What’s Not To Like”. Holly wrote it a couple of weeks ago, so it’s hot off the presses. It’s a solid tune and we hope to record it soon. Tonight though, Holly’s being backed up by piano, acoustic guitar, bass, dobro and box, so it’ll be a rockin’ set.

Here’s a list of her backup band:
» Bill Rankin (piano)
» Reilly Gallagher (acoustic guitar)
» Analog Dave (bass)
» John Calzabera (dobro, sax)
» and Me (box, roadie)

If you’re free tonight, please stop by Dan McGuiness Irish Pub. Holly is in the first set, so she’ll be singing at 8pm sharp. We’ve got a small group together and we’ll have a table out on the patio front and center. As always, we’ll be out on the patio enjoying a pint and some fish and chips, or shepherds’s pie.

And as if hearing Holly perform while enjoying great food and beer isn’t enough, you never know who might show up there. Keith Urban has been known to make and appearance on a Monday night with his good buddy John Corbett, among others

Show starts at 8pm. Hope to see you there!