George CostanzaIt’s been quite a while since we’ve had cable television in the Ashby household. Most of my TV has come from either rabbit ears, or BitTorrent, so when we sit down to watch the boob tube it’s a bit of a challenge. Either the picture is fuzzy and peppered with artifacts, or I have to boot the laptop and find the show I want to watch. If it’s not downloaded already, then I get to watch it the next day. :s

Feeling as if Holly had suffered too long from being about to watch CMT and GAC, I finally broke down and ordered it for her. Comcast came out this week to install digital cable and I’m happy to report that it went without a hitch. Wanting to “test the system,” I bounced around a few channels and explored the online guide. Since it’s digital cable, there’s a programming guide that shows you what’s coming up. Scanning the channels, I came across my much beloved, and sorely missed station — channel 72, OLN.

Firing it up, the Tour de France was being shown live and my butt suddenly grew Velcro and I couldn’t move from the couch for the next hour. I was riveted to the screen as I heard Paul and Phil commentate on the action as it rolled along for Stage 10. Oh how I missed this! And if you’re a fan of the Tour like I am, be sure to check out Mike Rohde’s blog post on the subject. He has links to just about everything there is on the subject. Excellent resource.

Anyway, still heady from the TV high I was experiencing, and thinking that it couldn’t get any better, OLN when to commercial and I fired up the guide. Imagine the mix of shock and glee as I saw “Paula’s Home Cooking” appear just a few channels away. I felt like George Costanza in “Seinfeld” when he tries the trifecta of bringing corned beef and television into the bedroom. OK, the bed was missing, but I had the Tour de France and Food Network and a “Last” button that sent me instantly from one channel to the next.

That’s when I realized… I was having a TV-gasm. :p