I just came across this video of Craig Ferguson from his opening monologue from his show The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (tip of the hat to FiatLux, by way of GearBits), and I have to say that he really hits the nail on the head. He’s recently become a naturalized American citizen and without taking one side or the other, Craig masterfully sums up what’s happening in our culture in regards to the Presidential Election and yet does so with wit and panache.

I just stuff like this where someone speaks from the heart and tells you honestly how they feel. Having them feel the same way as I do is a nice bonus!

There’s other videos of Craig, such as his unscripted monologue regarding his own struggles with alcoholism, but don’t bother going to CBS to watch them. You’ll need RealPlayer to watch them. Seriously? RealPlayer? 1998 called and they’d like their broke ass media system back.