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Home Care For Monkey

Monkey On The Couch With HollyThis has been a tough week for Holly and I because of our 3rd cat Monkey. We noticed that he had been losing weight and we thought that was great because we’ve been trying to slim all of our cats down. However, in Monkey’s case, we found that he lost too much weight too fast. None of the other cats appeared to have lost more than a pound over the last few months, but Monkey appeared to have lost more than 5. We were obviously concerned, so we took Monkey to the vet on Wednesday to have him checked out.
My wife Holly has a very soft heart for people, animals and even plants, so Monkey’s condition already had her worried and on the verge of tears. The vet did some blood work, but scheduled an ultrasound for the next day. The doctor’s initial prognosis was that Monkey could be dealing with something called Feline Hepatic Lipidosis, otherwise known as Fatty Liver Disease. However, there could also be cancer in his liver as well, so the ultrasound and maybe even a biopsy might tell us more. In the meantime, they gave him an appetite stimulant and injected fluid under his skin to make sure he was hydrated.

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We Need A Bigger Bed

It’s a miracle, but Gracie slept in the bed with us the whole night! This is the first time we’ve gone the entire night without Gracie starting a ruckus with the cats, so clearly we’re making progress. Plus, I have some new photos.

Clean Bill And A Long Night

I took Gracie to the vet yesterday morning and she got a clean bill of health! The vet’s best guess is that she is mostly Cocker Spanieland perhaps a little Shih Tzu due to the shape of her face and hair pattern, but it’s all a guess anyway.

Say Good Morning Gracie

Say Goodmorning GracieI have been wanting a dog for many years. Back when Holly and I were dating, 10 years ago, she found a little kitten and adopted it as her own and since then I’ve been on deck as it were, waiting for a dog. It’s not that Holly’s not a dog person, it’s just that sometimes you put off things and it just takes you a little longer than you anticipated. After that first little kitten, 3 more found us over time and so we’ve had our hands full and we just shelved the idea of getting a dog for awhile.

About a year or so ago, I started making plans to get a dog. I love our cats, but I was ready for a dog. So, like most men would do, I bought a few magazines and books on the subject and began researching what kind of dog was right for me. That’s the thing with choosing a pet versus having one show up on your doorstep, it becomes much harder choosing the “right” dog. I think I made it harder on myself because I began thinking of the old addage that a dog and it’s master begin to look alike. That was certainly true last night watching American Chopper and seeing Paul Sr. with his Bull Mastiff. With that in mind, all my thoughts have been on finding a cool dog. I want a dog like I envision myself to be, not what I’m truly like. I’m just glad there’s no such thing as a couch potato dog. 😉

So today I arrive at one of my client sites nice and early and I’m greeted by a furry little puppy. They have a large home office and it seems that they found this dog last week and it’s been making the rounds throughout the neighborhood in search of a home. The thing is, I had seen this dog before. A few weeks back, as I was leaving this client’s office, I saw a small puppy playing with some children at the corner of the street. I was instantly struck by how cute the dog was and almost stopped to ask, but I was in a hurry and just kept driving. My first thought when I saw the puppy, was “this is the same dog!”

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