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Stretching It Out

I rode to the Maryland Farms YMCA today. Good ride overall. My legs were in MUCH better form. I only walked one hill – due more to fear than anything else. I’m still not 100% used to the SPD clips and I was in rush hour traffic on Old Hickory Blvd with no shoulder. I […]

Two More Days Of Rest

Well, I haven’t worked out at all, or cycled for the last two days. I’ve simply been in too much pain. Not unbarable pain mind you, just simple muscle fatigue and overall soreness. By this afternoon however, my legs are feeling much better and I think I’m going to try and ride tomorrow morning. That […]

A Few Changes Here And There

Since I’m doing more activities like yoga and now cycling, I thought it might help to have a separate dedicated section. Thus recreation has been added to the site. I plan on using this section mostly as a workout log, detailing some of the recreational activities I’m involved in. Besides, I think you’d get tired of reading about my posterior pain all the time. 😛

Glutton For Punishment

With my legs and ass killing me after two days of riding, I still woke at 6am, donned my cycling shoes and rode to Starbucks. With Dan still in town, we agreed to meet there for breakfast to go over a few things. I noticed some very small improvements in my climbing and overall performance, […]

Back In The Saddle Again

A Real Man's Saddle

It’s been almost a year since I’ve been on a bicycle and it’s been about 10 years since I’ve done any serious riding. So yesterday afternoon I did a 16-mile ride with one of my closest friends, Dan Westman.

Since January, I’ve been working out at the YMCA. Monday is treadmill and upper body weight training and Wednesday is yoga. With all of this activity I figured I’d fair pretty well overall on our ride. Suffice to say, that wasn’t the case. Instead, I was dragging ass on every hill and every climb. 🙁

It was like I was re-discovering new muscles. Even with all my previous workouts, I simply hadn’t used the muscles needed for a climb. It’s hard to explain, but it was as if I just found some new “interior” muscles in my upper thigh that my body was so happy it found them that is decided to set them on fire. Add to the equation that I was attempting to drag my lard ass up the hill and I think you can begin to feel my pain. Continue Reading

Takin’ That Hill Again

Dan and I met for breakfast this morning. We had agreed to meet at Waffle House, each of us riding from our respective homes. Well, I lived up to my end of the bargin, but Dan complained about alergies or something. If I wasn’t such a dead weight on the hills I’d have ragged him […]

First Day

First day back in the saddle. I wrote all about it in the main log [link], but I rode for about 16 miles according to Dan’s cycle computer. Brutal on the hills, but it felt so good to be riding again.