sample tagI know that I have waxed poetically enough regarding Movable Type and how easy and cool it is to tweak your weblog, but there’s a couple of new things that I did on that I have to share with you. 🙂

First off, I cleaned up the Travelogue section. I found trying to read a travelogue in standard weblog format to be kinda odd. It didn’t make sense to read it from bottom to top. What I wanted to do was simply have the Category Archives read in ascending order. This way you could read a trip like you would any other web page – from top to bottom. I should have known that Mena and Ben would have thought of it already. Sure enough in their documentation, they had [just what I needed][6]. Now the travelogues, when viewed by category are displayed the way I want them.

While trying to find a solution, one of the other things I stumbled across is a plugin that allows you to display your Netflix rental queue. I haven’t been so diligent in updating the movies section of the Odds & Ends page. Seeing the Netflix plugin, I realized that I could display my Netflix queue for the Movies I Plan To See section. The only hurdle was that Netflix recently changed the way their pages display and so the old plugin didn’t work. As so often happens in the MT community someone else stepped up to fix it. Oscar F. Hills re-wrote the plugin and released it in it’s new format. Like most MT plugins it was a snap to install and begin using. Thank you Oscar!

I know these are minor things, but I can’t tell you how rare it is to have an idea of something you want to do and then to be able to do it. What a breath of fresh air!