A broom.Did a little housecleaning this afternoon. I consolidated the Workout log into the main weblog under the category Health And Fitness. I haven’t posted to it in a long while and if I do in the future, it will be in the main weblog anyway. I also pulled the old Webcam page into the Odds And Ends page. It just made more sense to keep the navigation as simple as possible. I also removed the Wishlist because it just wasn’t working for me the way it was laid out.
There’s never enough time in the day, but there’s a few things that I’m working on for the future:
» Merge Moblog & Photos – I don’t have a camera phone, so posting to the moblog is a somewhat cumbersome process. Since that’s another area that has gone by the wayside, I think I’m going to integrate it with the photo gallery. I’ve been looking at Coppermine for the software to run the photo gallery and my buddy Craig uses MfOP2 for his moblog, so that’s another option as well.
» Cleanup Comments – Since upgrading to MT3, there’s a bunch of new options regarding comments. For those looking to post a comment, you probably don’t notice any difference, however on my end I have to approve each one. There’s many different things I can do with comments and I just have to figure it all out and clean up the code.
» Song Of The Week – Inspired by Asterisk, D. Keith Robinson’s weblog, I’m hoping that I can add that feature to this weblog as well. The only flash player that I can find that resembles Robinson’s player is something called Wimpy Player. It’s available either as a button, or a full player. Costs money though, so it’s something I have to think about. Plus, I don’t have Flash, so I’d have to rely on the kindness of strangers to customize it for me. 🙂
» A Complete Site Redesign – Inspired by a favorite coffee cup of mine, I have the early buzzings in my head of a site re-design. I know that I’ve been tweaking colors and little things like quotes, but this would be a complete overhaul. I’m still fleshing out the rough sketches, but I hope to get to it later this year.

Well, that’s about it! Whenever I make changes to the site, I always like to document it by posting and entry on what’s changed in case any one is looking for something that’s no longer there. 🙂