My dog Gracie in profile.It’s been awhile since Gracie was last groomed and since she’s been playing with Tumini and Vegas (the neighbor’s dog) a lot, her hair became a bit matted in a few places. After dropping her off yesterday, the groomer called to let me know that they would have to cut her very short in order to get out the matted areas. Since it’s now summer, I had planned on getting her cut short, but not quite as short as the groomer had to take it.
Of course I feel like a bad daddy that I didn’t get her groomed sooner and I that I didn’t take better care of her coat. As pretty as Gracie is, she is a total tomboy and has no qualms about tussling it up with Vegas, who is 5 times her size. As cute as it is to watch Gracie roll around with her two friends, it does do a number on her coat. However, I should have combed her more and given more baths maybe.
That afternoon, I went over to pick her up and when they brought her out, she looked like a Looney Tunes cartoon where the character has been shaved and they think they’re naked. She didn’t have any skin showing, but clearly she was as close cropped as they could get it. However, they left her face trimmed like they would normally do it. So now her head looks bigger than her body. She reminds me of one of those bobble head things. She is still adorable, but I have to giggle just a little when I look at her.

Since many of you have asked for more pictures of Gracie and because I recently cleaned up all my photos on my computer, I will be posting some new photos soon. I’ve been out at client sites a lot this week, so I haven’t had time at my desk to get them posted yet. I should have them up before the weekend though. 🙂