Pink Ribbon3M Corporation, the company that makes Post-It Notes, is building the World’s Largest Pink Ribbon, which will be on display in Times Square, NYC for breast cancer awareness month in October. As nice of a gesture as that is, they are also donating $1 to the City of Hope Cancer Center for every person that enters their information on their web site.
Normally, I would stop right there and chaulk this gesture up as yet another method of gathering up user data. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case!
All 3M is asking for is your First and Last Name, City and State. This information will be printed onto one of the Post-It Notes used in the World’s Largest Pink Ribbon. So for each of the first 75,000 people who sign up to show that they are “sticking up for breast cancer”, your name will appear on the ribbon and $1 will be donated to the City of Hope Cancer Center.

In a world where your personal information is constantly under attack in order to sell you more stuff, it’s nice to see a large corporation “take the high road” and do something honorable. It’s this type of gesture that makes me want to support a company and purchase their products.

To submit your name, and for more information, please visit this link.