Brain DumpIt’s been awhile since I posted and that’s mostly due to the fact that I’ve been busier than a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest. So I thought it was high time that I at least posted a quick update on what’s been going on and give the much due “Thank You” that is long overdue. But first… the update.

» BRAT was awesome. I did all 350~ miles and had a blast doing it. The scenery was gorgeous and the riding couldn’t have been better.

» Holly and I rode the Jack & Back on our tandem Josephine and we rode the whole course. We ended up doing the short course each of the two days, and that worked out to be about 110 miles all totaled. We did the short course because I was suffering more than I ever have in my life. No kidding. Josephine was not setup for me, so it was nothing but pain, pain and more pain. I should probably write about it, because it was as humorous as it was excruciating.

» NPUG celebrated it’s 6th birthday on October 6th. Hard to believe we’ve been around that long. I did the math just the other day, and I’d estimate that I’ve run approximately 60 meetings on Palm OS Handhelds during that time. Scary to think of it in those terms. I mean, who would have thought that there’d be THAT much to talk about? Who am I kidding? What’s my name?!? 🙂

» I became the editor for the BBC Hit Show Hustle over on Since the bulk of my television viewing is done via downloads, I’ve stumbled across some real gems from the other side of the pond. Hustle is my favorite series that’s currently in production.

» My favorite television series that is not in production would have to be Firefly. My sister from another mother, Mary LaFleur turned me onto the show at Chris’ wedding and I think her pitch says it best. When I asked her what the show was about, her response was, “It doesn’t matter. Go buy the DVD and watch it.” Not one to leave well enough alone, I responded, “Yeah, but what’s it about. I mean isn’t it some kind of sci-fi western?” She just said, “It doesn’t matter. Go buy the DVD and watch it.” Well, she was absolutely right. If you haven’t seen it, then go buy it and watch it. It’s fantastic.

» And I’m not alone in thinking that it’s one of the greatest television series, even though it only had a short life of one-season. Enough fans of the series bought the DVD and turned other people onto the show that they came out with a movie – Serenity. Even if you haven’t watched the series, go see this movie TODAY. It’s about to leave the theatres and the movie is all that and a bag of chips. It kicks Star Wars’ ass hands down and you’d be hard pressed to convince me of another sci-fi action comedy that is this good. So go this afternoon and catch the early show and see this film in a theatre. Because if you don’t, then “I aim to mis-behave.” 😉

» I had a birthday on the 18th of October and I had quite the shindig. In addition to all the great gifts, I was treated to Flemings and I have to say that the meal ranked as one of the top 5 meals I’ve ever had in my life. 38 never tasted so good.

» Mike and Gail Rohde came to visit us for a week or so towards the end of October. We got them hooked on Firefly, had some great food and saw some sights. Mike and I went on several rides, one of which you can read about on his weblog at this link. I was surprised at how well we all got along and was sad to see them go. Too bad they couldn’t have just bought the house down the street and moved here. 😛

» I’m working on a new project that is just about ready to launch. Once it does, I’ll tell you more, but until then, I’m just happy to report that just about all of the technical issues have been worked out and the project is about to kick into high gear. Very exciting.

A Very Big Thank You
And last, but certainly not least, I want to thank everyone that donated money to MS Society. Even though it was a last minute plea for donations, you guys blew me away with how quickly you responded and how generously you donated.

All-in-all, we raised $695 for MS, 90% of which came in the last day. Thank you! Coming on the heals of Katrina and Rita, seeing this kind of outpouring of generosity is quite a humbling experience. If you add up what Holly and Lois rasied, our grand total as a family came to over $1,300!

The following is a list of those that contributed. You guys rock.
   » Justin Nolan
   » Mike Rohde
   » Joel Gilbert
   » Molly Dillingham
   » John Iasiuolo
   » Robert Stanley
   » Ann Cumbie
   » Brian Hemmings
   » Jerry Walters
   » Herb Jones
   » Ron Williams
   » Dennison Bradford
   » Tim Davies
   » Barbara Swanson
   » Steven Weiler
   » Ken Harelson
   » Lois Ashby
   » Michael Ashby