A virtual high five for Fred!I’ve been writing a lot the past week about my migration to the MacBook. During this migration, I’ve had a lot of help along the way from fellow Mac friends. However, it became clear to me that there was one person that I failed to thank and I need to right this wrong.

During my initial diving into Mac OS, Mike Rohde and Justin Nolan gave me a lot of assistance. Having them both online so that I could assault them with questions was a big help for me. For some of the more obscure questions related to Parallels and Windows-ish questions, Hal-J was a great lifeline. Yet none of these questions would have been possible without the years of gentle council and guidance of my Mac-Zen guru Fred Heumann.

Fred is on the Leadership Council for the Nashville Palm Users Group and over the years, he has been the soft voice of reason in my ear, calmly suggesting the Mac OS as an alternative. Without fail, he and I talk after every monthly meeting about what’s happening in the Mac world. Not only that, but since he works at the Cool Springs CompUSA, he and I pow wow in the aisles about the various options available to in making the switch.

I know that I’ve talked his ear off on more than one occasion — in fact, I’d guess that it’s more often than not — and he’s always been open and receptive to my questions and handy with a knowledgeable answer. Throughout all the many years that I’ve had his council, I still had not made the switch. We did have a little fun when he got us a killer deal on an iMac for my Mom a few years ago, but up until last week, I was still on the fence waiting for the right time to leap.

So now that I’ve finally made the leap and landed firmly in the Mac Addict category, I just want to say Thank you Fred! I couldn’t have done it without all your help. Thank you.