NPUG LogoThis month, the regular NPUG Monthly Meeting is going “On The Road”, which means that we’re holding our meeting in a different part of town. Usually we meeting every 2nd Saturday at the Edmonson Pike Library, but this month we’re off to Franklin! We’ll be meeting at the , Williamson County Public Library [Google Map]. Will that be a bit of a drive for most of our members? Sure, but it’ll be a welcome relief for our members that live south of Nashville and drive north for every other meeting. We have quite a few that drive 30+ minutes to attend each meeting, so for once in the 7 years we’ve been having meeting, they’ll have the shortest drive. 🙂

This month’s meeting is pretty special because it marks our 7th anniversary/birthday. That’s right, I’ve been running the Nashville Palm Users Group for 7 years now. Think that’s bad? I started the Kansas City Palm Users Group (now defunct) the year before that. So I guess you could say I’ve been “PUGgin'” for over 8 years now. 😛

Anyway, the topic tomorrow is all about the Treo and we’ve titled it “Treotasic”. We’re going to cover everything you need to know about pimping out your Treo. As fun as that topic may be, what would a birthday party be without gifts? So we’re going to be giving away over $2,500 in door prizes. That means that everyone that shows up is going to go home with something for free.

What are we giving away? Well, you can get a list of all the goodies at this link, but the big prizes are the three devices that we’ll be giving away, which include:

That’s right, if you win the Treo, you get to choose the Treo that you want. This way, if you’re on Cingular, you get to choose the Treo that Cingular carries. Given the fact that Palm just announced the new Treo 680, this could be a VERY sweet prize.

So, if you live close to Nashville, I hope that you will take the short drive to Franklin this Saturday. As always, we’ll have tons of fun and, tons of good information share. Don’t worry if you’re not an NPUG member, eveyone is welcome. We never charge for anything though, so becoming a member has nothing but benefits. 🙂