tobacco_road.jpgI’ve written before how much I enjoy hanging out at Tobacco Road, especially when they’re having a cigar tasting like they did a few weeks ago. Enjoying a cigar amongst friends is the best smoke there is and friends are never in short supply at Tobacco Road. Unfortunately, having time to hang out there has been in short supply this year; however that may all be changing thanks to a new thing they’re doing every Tuesday evening — The Bubba Miller Radio Show on WSNR AM 560.

At the last cigar tasting, Mike, the store manager, mentioned something about a radio show broadcasting from there live, but I thought it was just some kind of radio promotional thing. You know, a one shot deal. About a week later, Tobacco Road sent out an e-mail giving all the details.

The Bubba Miller Show Presented by CAO This fall Tobacco Road Smoke Shop and CAO will host a radio show live on Tuesday nights from 6pm to 7pm beginning September 5. The show will feature interactive football talk, with interviews from NFL coaches and stars. As well as college football talk. 560 WNSR will be the host station.

This wasn’t just some radio promo, but a full fledged talk radio show being broadcast directly from the store! Given the fact that I’m a co-host for the radio show Computer Outlook and also host my own podcast, Simply Digital, I was keenly interested in checking out the show.

I was unable to make the first two shows, but last Tuesday I made it a point to be there and what a treat it was. I was a little early, but that gave me time to visit with some of the regulars of the shop. The engineer for the show was already there and had everything set up and ready to go. Shortly before airtime, the CAO rep arrived and that’s when the deals started. I bought three Brazillia Churchills, which entitled me to a free Criollo, but the rep also gave me a free baseball cap and a free CAO cigar cutter, which was clear 😀

As the show was about to start, I grabbed a seat on one of the plush leather couches, clipped one of the Brazilla Churchills and lit it up. Sitting back and enjoying my cigar, I had a ringside seat to the Bubba Miller Show.

The first thing I noticed when I saw Bubba, was how young he looked. I don’t know what I was expecting exactly, but he looked much younger than I thought he would be. The second thing I noticed was how relaxed he was. Here he was about to go live on the air and he looked like he was just kicking back with a few friends. Once on the air, that relaxed nature continued and Bubba did a bang up job hosting his own show. I’m certainly no football expert, but it was clear that Bubba knows his stuff. Everyone in the shop was nodding and seemed to be in agreement with what he was saying.

Speaking of what he was saying, Bubba doesn’t pull any punches. He came down hard on the Titan’s performance from the previous weekend and although everyone reacted like he’d thrown a punch at slam at Coach Fisher, no one was disagreeing with what he was saying. I think they were just surprised that he was saying it. That was really best part of being present for the live show. Being there to appluad and hoop it up was fun, but being part of the peanut gallery as Bubba laid down the hard truth was a hell of a lot of fun.

The banter between Bubba and June Bug, his co-host and stats expert, was smooth and easy. Bubba had one call-in guest and two live guests and those interviews went off without a hitch. I’m telling you, it looked like he’d been doing this show for years. Maybe he has and I just don’t have a clue, but for the 3rd episode of a live broadcast, I was impressed.

After the show was over, there was a lot of milling around and socializing. Everyone congratulated Bubba on a good show and the level of conversation rose quite a bit now that we didn’t have to be quiet any longer. Standing at the register talking to Mike, I noticed one of the audience members talking to June Bug and voicing a differing opinion. It made me laugh to see this man suggest that his intuition was better than June Bug’s fancy stats.

With everything winding down, the CAO rep held a raffle for a box of cigars. I didn’t win, but my name is still in the hat for the grand prize that will be drawn at the end of the 14 episode run. I guess the more shows I attend the better my chance at winning.

And the same holds true for you. If you live in the greater Nashville area, I highly recommend you stop by the Tobacco Road Smoke Shop on Tuesday evening. I’m not much of a football guy, but I had a blast and I think you would to. The show is only an hour long, so just about anyone can take a quick time out to watch the show and relax with some friends. Great deals on cigars, great cigars to enjoy and a a cool place to just hanging out. What more could you ask for?