I’m considering doing a 365 Photo Project and I’m curious to hear what others think about it. Have you done one and did you like it? If you haven’t done one personally, do you like seeing them?

What Is It?
The link in the above paragraph goes into great detail, but in a nutshell, it’s where you take a photo a day and post it online. Quite a challenge to say the least.

So Why Do It?
There’s a couple of things that are making me consider it.

1. I’m working on building a new community and I’m trying to become more active in online publishing. Just trying to create new habits and keep my focus on “what can I publish?”

2. I don’t have many pictures of me. I don’t like having my picture taken and I usually get behind the camera just for that reason. However, with Facebook, Twitter and all the other places where you can have an online identity, a picture would come in handy. After taking 365 photos, I’m bound to have one that I like.

3. It would be a challenge. Publishing a photograph every day would be a challenge. I tend to like challenges and achievements and the higher degree of difficulty, the more I want to do it.

But What Do You Think?
I’d love to hear what you think — especially if you’ve done one in the past. Even if you haven’t, I’d still like to know if you’d be at all interested in me doing a 365 photo project.