Artwork by Beverly NaidusBack in college you could judge the quality of a weekend by how hungover, or how exhausted someone was. Today, one good clue is how many dishes I have to do in the morning. We had quite the time this weekend judging by the number of dishes I washed the other day. Of course, I don’t need a dish count to remember how much fun and relaxing this weekend was. 🙂

I had planned to get a lot of work done. I had been clueless of the fact that this past weekend was Labor Day weekend until a client reminded of the fact on Friday. My first thought was that I could use the extra day to catch up on a few things and I could spend the most of the weekend in my office. On Saturday, Holly and I got a few things done around the house, but we used a good part of the weekend just catching up and getting in sync with what each of us has been up to. We blocked aside Sunday as the day to relax and planned on Monday being a very busy day.

On Sunday my mom came by to pick us for church, which was incredible, and then came home to fix up a big spread to celebrate Labor Day weekend. I grilled up some A1 Hamburgers, Bratwurst and fresh asparagus on skewers. Holly fixed some corn on the cob and Mom made a fresh apple pie. You’d think that we were cooking for the Waltons with all the food that we prepared. We didn’t eat it all, but we were definitely full.

After we all made happy plates, we hopped in the pool for a swim. All three of us were floating around with Gracie sitting on my chest. It was so nice just floating around drifting in and out of sleep.

Sunday was so much fun that on Monday we decided that we could top our gastronomic feat from the day before. I grilled Lemon Pepper Chicken and marinated and grilled portobello mushrooms. Holly whipped up some excellent green beans and we pigged out for the second day in a row. Holly had also picked up some pork ribs, so after we ate, I grilled up those as well for us to eat later in the week. Although I confess that I did have a bite just to make sure that they were done. 😛

Like the day before, we all hoped in the pool, including Graice, for a nice swim. This time I zonked out big time. I must have slept for about an hour just floating around in circles. Although I didn’t get all the work done I had planned, it was a nice treat to just relax with family. It doesn’t happen often and it’s probably good that I took the opportunity while it was available.

Tuesday I felt renewed and recharged to take on the week, so perhaps it was all for the best.

About The Artwork
The digital art used in this entry was created by Beverly Naidus and is from her “Healing Deity Series“. Please take a moment to visit her website and read more about how this series came to be, it’s an touching story about this excellent artist.