TelephoneI just got off the phone with SprintPCS Customer Service and they informed me that Nationwide long distance includes Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and …drum roll please… GUAM. That means that I can call my buddy Dan, who just moved to Guam, for free! :O So although he’s halfway around the world, across the dateline even, I can still call him because he’s still in the United States. I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am to learn this.
Before Dan announced that he and his soon to be wife were going to be moving to Guam for 2 years (she’s in the Navy), I barely had a clue as to where the island was on the map. I knew it was the South Pacific. Thanks to the CIA, I was able to learn more about the island, it’s culture and history, but it wasn’t until I saw this map from the Guam Visitors Bureau that I realized just how far away it truly was. It’s actually closer to Japan and Australia than it is Hawaii. Thankfully, Dan’s been updating his weblog with plenty of images and stories about life on the other side of the world. Through his eyes, I’m getting acquainted with Guam and what it must be like to live there.

I’m still getting used to the time zone issues though. Guam is on the other side of the date line, so when it’s 12:00pm CST on Tuesday here in Nashville, it’s 3:00am Wednesday there in Guam. That’ll twist your noodle when you’re tying to figure out what time it is there. I guess I better get used to it though, now that I know I can call Dan for free. 😛

I can just see it now…

Me: “Hey Dan, what’s up buddy?”
Dan: “Damnit Ashby.”
Me: “Oh did I do it again?”
Dan: “Yes…”
Me: “What time is it there right now?”
Dan: “4am”
Me: “Oh man, I’m sorry. I keep forgetting. Hey, but since you’re up, I have this cool idea…”
Dan: “That’s it. I’m changing my number.”