Apparently I’ve had this blog now for almost 10 years and in that time there have been 4 different looks to the site and with this post, I’d like to introduce the 5th version! I did a recap back when I hit version 3, which you can find at this link, so I thought I’d do an update to recap what changed since I posted that entry back in 2010. In 2011 I became fascinated with

Tumblr and it’s approach to blogging. Ultimately I wasn’t wild about the Tumblr platform, preferring to stick with WordPress, which I had been using since 2008. However, I did wish that there were more Tumblr style WordPress templates and I ended up choosing to use a theme called Wumblr.

Version 4

I detailed my initial experience with the Wumblr in this post and since switching to this theme in May of 2011 I’ve been very pleased with my purchase decision.

Mashby verson 4

Initially I was drawn to Wumblr’s support of WordPress’ then new posting formats. I liked being able to change things up a bit so that a video post looked a little different from quote, or standard blog post. This made posting fun, but ultimately I ended up sticking with just one post format — the standard blog entry.

Wumblr was a great theme. The style was clean and simple, which I tend to lean to, and the support from Themify was top notch. I upgraded the theme and the framework several times as Themify made updates and changes to adapt the theme to newer versions of WordPress. Their support was truly spectacular.

So Why The Update?

Prior to moving to Wumblr, I had been looking for a theme that was clean and minimal with more of a focus on typography than imagery. For example, I’m a big fan of Instapaper for long web articles mostly because the service makes reading such a pleasure. Marco Arment, the creator of Instapaper, has taken his approach to delightful reading even further with the release of The Magazine and as a subscriber I have simply been in awe.

Given that I tend to be long winded when it comes to writing (or hell, to anything for that matter), it only made sense to make this blog as easy to read as possible. This line of reasoning led me to consider changing templates again and this time taking a more typographical approach.

After performing hundreds of Google searches and browsing thousands of pages at theme foundries, I landed on Pocket by Mike McAlister which felt to meet all of my goals. It’s clean, minimal and easy to read. I found myself returning to Mike’s demo over the course of a couple of weeks to see if my love of his work diminished. It never did.

Today I’ve relaunched the site and version 5 is born. I hope you like it.

Photo Credit: Present, courtesy of Emily Orpin.