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Juliet Is Back Home

It’s been awhile since I logged a ride in, but not to worry, I have been doing a lot of riding. I’m in the process of creating a new section to my weblog for my travels. I’m currently toying around with calling the section Travelogs (Edit: discontinued). That’s where I’m going to post my rides […]

Bike New York

I’m all packed up and headed off to the Big Apple. I’m going to ride in the Bike New York event on Sunday, so I’m flying in to Baltimore this afternoon and driving the rest of the way with Dan. Tomorrow we’ll ride 42 miles through all 5 boroughs of New York City without any […]

Bitten By The Male Obsession Bug

I’m out of control. I have fallen back in love with bicycling and I have a full-on outbreak of the ‘Male Obsession Bug.’ If you’re female, you’ve seen it in action and if you’re a guy, then you know what I’m talking about. 🙂 The Male Obsession Bug can strike at any time, on any subject. for some it’s sports, for others, it’s a recreational hobby. Regardless of the obsession, the affects of the ‘bug’ are easy to detect.

For one, the infected subject can’t stop talking about his new obsession. In my case, this is cycling. So, regardless of the conversation, I can find some relevance to cycling and will use any excuse to divert the topic to cycling. For example, let’s say that someone brings up the subject of the new Palm Zire 71 handheld. Now, how in the world could a Palm OS handheld have anything to do with cycling? Well, a man’s infected brain might mention the fact that there is a product called the Bike Brain that can connect a Palm device to the bicycle for recording all sorts of information. Then he might mention that he’s thinking about using Bicycling Journal to record his rides for posting on his weblog.

Training Day

I has been almost 2 weeks since my last ride. I’m riding in the Bike New York event next Sunday, so I figured I had to put on some decent miles today. We’ve been going to Bellevue Community Church out in Bellevue for the past few months and I figured that would make a good […]

One Step Forward – Half A Step Back

Last week was an absolute bear and I wasn’t able to ride at all. Yesterday I had choir rehearsal, so I decided to ride to the rehearsal. I had no idea how far the ride would be, or how long it would take me. I just hopped on my bike and rode. Since it was […]

Stretching It Out

I rode to the Maryland Farms YMCA today. Good ride overall. My legs were in MUCH better form. I only walked one hill – due more to fear than anything else. I’m still not 100% used to the SPD clips and I was in rush hour traffic on Old Hickory Blvd with no shoulder. I […]

Two More Days Of Rest

Well, I haven’t worked out at all, or cycled for the last two days. I’ve simply been in too much pain. Not unbarable pain mind you, just simple muscle fatigue and overall soreness. By this afternoon however, my legs are feeling much better and I think I’m going to try and ride tomorrow morning. That […]

A Few Changes Here And There

Since I’m doing more activities like yoga and now cycling, I thought it might help to have a separate dedicated section. Thus recreation has been added to the site. I plan on using this section mostly as a workout log, detailing some of the recreational activities I’m involved in. Besides, I think you’d get tired of reading about my posterior pain all the time. 😛

Glutton For Punishment

With my legs and ass killing me after two days of riding, I still woke at 6am, donned my cycling shoes and rode to Starbucks. With Dan still in town, we agreed to meet there for breakfast to go over a few things. I noticed some very small improvements in my climbing and overall performance, […]

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